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Trailer 1: Morning Walk

Here is the beauty of the dawn in Florida.  Listen to the birds, walk with the dogs, feel the morning sun and let Delius' glorious music fill your soul.  Life in the Grove is Sweet--Florida Suite.

Trailer 2: Harvesting

It's springtime at Mullet Hill Grove, and everyone's busy:  Tyson's harvesting the fruit, while Andy prepares breakfast for his mother.  There's lots of chores to do--but not for you.  You get to enjoy it all from the comfort of your chair.  Life in the Grove is Sweet--Florida Suite. 

The Florida Suite: Complete FIlm

Here it is:  the entire film, in four sections, corresponding to the four movements of Delius' enchanting first major work.  If you love classical music, or Florida, or the gentle rewards of life lived simply and decently, this is for you.  Enjoy.

Life in the Grove is Sweet: A Conversation with Andrew Graham

This is an excerpt from a longer interview with Andrew Graham, in which he talks about the healthful way of life he has found at Mullet Hill Grove.

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