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The Florida Suite

on DVD

The Florida Suite is a poetic documentary set entirely to a four-movement musical composition of the same name by Frederick Delius.   The award-winning film centers on the life of retired attorney turned citrus farmer, Andrew Graham, in his grove.  Graham nurtures his fruit, his dogs, and his mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He is determined that she will live out her days in the beauty and safety of the grove.


The film also pays tribute to the music of Frederick Delius, who came to Florida from England in 1884.  The 22-year-old Delius was so moved by the beauty of Florida that he became a composer. His first major work, the four-movement symphonic Florida suite, is not only heard in its entirety in the film, but forms the very structure of it.


Bring he beauty and serenity of the Florida Suite into your life. 

NTSC edition.  For the European PAL edition, please see below.

The Florida Suite

by Frederick Delius

on CD or MP3

Order your copy of Frederick Delius' Florida Suite, as performed by the English Northern Philharmonia.  This is the recording used in the film, and is beautifully rendered under the sure hand of Maestro David Lloyd-Jones.

The Florida Suite

on DVD--PAL Edition, English

PAL edition, for our European patrons

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